Varuna Pumps launched a strategic and insightful radio campaign across 70 cities of India, including Ahmadabad, Baroda, Ludhiana, nashik and Kolkata, to introduce the new brand campaign ‘Aap ke PAANI KA PRESSURE HUM LETE HAI’.
The campaign has been designed from the insight that every person has to face some kind of pressure in his or her daily life. In all these inevitable pressures at least they won’t have to take the pressure of water because Varuna Pumps takes care of that responsibility.
This multi-pronged campaign is aimed at farmers, homeowners, society chairmen, institutions, dealers and plumbers – the end-users, influencers and intermediaries in the pump buying process.
The uniqueness of this campaign is that it is spearheaded by radio as the primary medium.
After extensive rounds of discussions, research and deliberation, radio was chosen as the primary medium to lead the campaign because of its ability to create an emotional connect with the consumer through auditory engagement and stroking of the imagination.
In addition, to create an emotional connect, we appointed two Audio Brand Ambassadors – the National Award winner Om Puri and the only Indian actress to receive a BAFTA award, Rohini Hattangadi. These two celebrities lent their voice to the extensive radio campaign of Varuna Pumps. These two have an instantly recognizable and a highly memorable voice that develops a connection with the listeners.
Seven unique radio spots were created addressing different types of people across the social strata. From a husband to a house-wife to a society owner to a plumber, every spot was insight fully crafted, thereby creating maximum empathy with the target audience. The radio spots were aired nationally at a good frequency, resulting in an overwhelming response.
As expected, the remarkable radio campaign created a huge buzz in the market, among customers as well as dealers.