Varuna V4 – S.S.

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing our new and improved fully stainless steel Oil Filled motor with SS 304 grade. In this motor we have made some modifications for better product efficiency and to give it an aesthetic look.


Benefits of new OIL FILLED Stainless Steel motor


  • Upper fitment joint in motor is made of heavy cast iron and coated with CED for better corrosion-resistance, durability, alignment and smoother running, and sturdy fitting with the motor.
  • More cooling area inside the motor compared to the earlier design enables it to run for more hours without heating up.
  • All the hardware (including stud nut) is made of SS 304, protecting them from corrosion in hard or sandy water and makes them easier to repair and reliable.
  • Higher motor efficiency and lighter body weight compared to the earlier design for better performance.
  • Food-grade insulating oil for lubrication inside the motor ensures better output, smoother functioning, lesser vibration and longer life.
  • Fully Stainless Steel body gives the motor an aesthetic look & better protection in hard water


Now all our V3 and V4 range products will available with Black color CED COATED