Horizontal Openwell Submersible Pump

Horizontal Openwell Submersible Pump


Varuna Horizontal Openwell Submersible Pumps are manufactured as per IS: 14220. The high-grade cast iron material with unique hydraulic design gives better performance and efficiency. Since these pumps are designed for underwater applications, there is no need of priming and foot valve.

Salient Features

Horizontal Monoblock Openwell Submersible Pump

  • Compactly designed pump set for easy handling and installation.
  • High-grade cast iron for a better life even in heavy and contaminated water.
  • Front side carbon bearing with Stainless Steel Thrust Plate and Backside SG Iron Plate with Gunmetal Bush for longer life under various conditions.
  • Stamping is done with Electrical Grade Silicon Steel for lower power consumption and higher product life.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Design for highest energy efficiency in the pump set.
  • Pinhole on drain plug allows the motor to be filled with water on its own to maintain the water level inside the motor.
  • Dynamically Balancing Rotating part to ensure minimum noise and vibration-free operation


  • Irrigation from open wells, specially where there is a wide fluctuation in water levels
  • Community water supply from open wells
  • Canals and rivers
  • Agriculture
  • Civil and industries