Agri Application

Varuna Pumping solutions towards sustainable modern world

In the present modern world we find our agri producers in rural India already aware of the best production efficient protocols with minimum energy efficient as well as seamless working. We at Varuna take care of your need giving the best available solutions for farming techniques that reduce energy costs while protecting the earth's precious water resources. Sustainable values backed by energy-efficient solutions carry Varuna Pumps forth to provide irrigation systems that are tested for reliability and seamless functioning with modern farming applications.
Each Varuna pumping system is designed to ensure the most profitable yield based on the expected range of water requirements.

Select Varuna for boosting Farm Productivity

Our top priority is to keep your crop well watered. Using our technology and expertise in submersible pumps, we bring the groundwater to the surface at the lowest possible cost. We provide a broad selection of different stage irrigation pump has been created to deliver just the right pressure and flow to provide unmatched energy efficiency as well as good returns. While you focus on your core business, we focus on optimizing the productivity of your farm with pumping systems designed to suit your unique requirements, no matter how big or small.

Varuna Product advantages

  • Varuna induction motors are easy to rewind and use multi-layer PVC insulated wire for better reliability.
  • Self-aligned carbon versus stainless steel thrust bearing which can withstand high axial thrust load and water lubrication.
  • Designed to deliver higher efficiency at and lower the power cost

Features of Varuna V8 Platinum motor

  • Copper content that gives good results even in adverse conditions
  • Electric grade silicon stamping with big slots for easy rewinding
  • Thrust bearings made from engineering polymer and 8 fixed stainless steel segments
  • Nitric rubber metal bush and gun metal bush made with 2% additional nickel
  • XLPE cable used in the motor
  • Larger upper and lower housing for better cooling
  • Universal coupling that gives the freedom to use any pump

Features of Varuna V4 motor

  • Withstands wide voltage band
  • Aesthetic design for temperature control
  • Low energy consumption
  • Stainless steel fastener
  • Robust design giving high discharge
  • Advance mechanical design
  • Low maintenance

Features of Varuna Hydra Submersible Motor

  • Capacity to deliver 2,00,000 litres of water per hour.
  • Larger surface area for better cooling and longer life
  • Designed to perform in even adverse electrical conditions of 150 to 440 voltage fluctuations.
  • Lesser power consumption in average voltage of 280-300
  • Due to higher reserved energy, the motor can function efficiently even in single phase and unbalanced voltage

Features of Varuna Spectra, water-filled submersible pump

    Advanced mechanical design:
  • All motors are designed using an advanced 3-D design technology to assure an error-free and robust output. All motors are also tested in extreme conditions to assure optimum and reliable performance.
  • Withstands wide voltage fluctuation:
  • The stack length as well as the wire size combination is taken in such a way that it will give the best performance in the entire voltage band. Winding wires are made from the purest grade of electrolytic copper and wrapped with triple synthetic waterproof film to withstand wide voltage fluctuation.
  • Optimal energy efficiency:
  • The motor has been designed using the latest programmable simulation method to ensure that the current consumption reduces substantially that will lead to the reduction in heat loss in motor and increase efficiency.
  • More reliability:
  • The aesthetic design reduces the temperature rise up to 20% and thus decreases the chances of burning.
  • Perfection:
  • The motor is dynamically balanced as per the ISO standards to increase the life of the pump and reduce the vibration of the entire pump set.
  • More protection:
  • All machining activity is done using the precious CNC machine and to give additional protection against outside material, both housings come with double support of O-ring (leak-proof) made from NBR.
  • Stainless steel fasteners:
  • All fasteners used in the water are made from stainless steel to avoid any effect of water content and corrosion for a longer life.
  • Easy maintainable design:
  • Water-filled motors use water as their lubricants and cooling media. As water has a low viscosity, it can easily flow in all parts of the motor thus ensuring a better cooling and longer life. The motor is tough enough to withstand all the site conditions and easy to repair by a skilled mechanic.