Varuna Pumping solutions towards sustainable modern world

The constant Research & Development are the pillars of our growth policy. Emphasis on energy efficiency is among the world's pressing environmental challenges. Through delivering high-end quality products and maintaining efficient manufacturing processes, Varuna Pumps makes a pivotal contribution towards sustainable development.

Our innovative products continue to raise the standards of pumping solutions. Varuna pump sets are approved by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India.

The Company's ecologically strong decisions consider the entire product cycle from selection of materials and suppliers to packaging, production and distribution.We stand committed to go beyond cost-efficiency to maximize energy-efficiency for the planet as well as provide the best quality pumping systems in the world.

Sustainable Solar Pumps

India has tremendous scope of generating solar energy. The geographical location of the country stands to its benefit for generating solar energy. The reason being India is a tropical country and it receives solar radiation almost throughout the year, which amounts to 3,000 hours of sunshine.

Varuna solar pump is an environmentally friendly solution to a range of diverse requirements; watering, irrigation.

Varuna solar pumps are sustainable, safe, simple, reliable and maintenance-free.

Varuna Pumps is proud to be a channel partner of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India with the highest performance rating.

At Varuna we have aimed and tried to make available our best quality products with latest technology at affordable price.