Employee Engagement

At Varuna Pumps, we encourage an active lifestyle among our employees. We believe in creating an environment where our employees are at their physical and mental best so that it aids them in excelling not just in their work but in life as well.

As part of this philosophy, we constantly arrange activities, events and celebrations to boost our employees' morale and enhance their work-life balance. Some of the past events we had conducted are listed below:


  • On the auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanti in 2014, to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi's vision of Clean India, our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi wielded the broom and launched the biggest ever cleanliness and sanitation drive called "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" in the country. This mission aims creating a "Clean India" in next five years. VARUNA family had participated in this mission by cleaning the way from LGM (Texprint) to LGM (HO) and from Nagarwel to LGM (HO).


  • "Responding quickly, effectively and giving correct First Aid at the time of emergency makes the First Aider the hero of the hour as it saves a person's life, which is very valuable and never replaceable." It is always necessary that one should have atleast basic knowledge of First Aid. In an organization, having someone nearby who is expertly trained to administer basic first aid is very helpful at the time of accidents or any illness. With this gracious intention to provide prompt and proper First Aid treatment to the victim, First Aid Training Programme has been conducted for employees so that they can help the victim who is in need of First Aid.    


  • People generally don't care to go for regular dental check-up. They mostly seek treatment for their dental problems, when they need to get a tooth extraction as it is too late to do anything else. Considering these situations prevailing in India, we felt the need of creating awareness for good oral hygiene among our employees andhence, arranged for a dental check-up camp. Through this camp, dentists highlighted the need of dental check-up as well as the ill effects of tobacco. They also advised people to quit the habit as it will badly affect their oral health. At the time of dental check-up, apart from advising to quit tobacco/pan masala, few of them were advised and given proper treatment to solve their dental problem    


  • "WATER IS LIFE – SAVE WATER, SAVE NATURE, SAVE THE WORLD " A drop of water is flexible, powerful and is in demand for millions of people who lack access to safe water. This day focuses on the importance of freshwater and advocates sustainable management of freshwater resources. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. Water is important for everyone and so, everyone should use it safely and as per need only.La–Gajjar Machineries Pvt. Ltd. celebrates 'World Water Day' by organising various activities like Power Point Presentation, T–shirt Painting, Poster Making, Face Painting, etc.    


  • To welcome Christmas, trees are lit up across the world and Santa Claus visits to give sweets and gifts.At La–Gajjar Machineries, Santa Claus pays a visit on Christmas Day and employees welcome him by dressing themselves in red and white. In 2013, Santa Claus distributed sweets, while in 2014,he also distributed gifts to the winners of 'Anti-Corruption Drive'.    


  • Activities are always filled with fun and laughter. To make the activity more enthusiastic, we celebrated PROP-DAY.Varuna Family celebrated this day by adding one prop to casuals. The prop was not related to casual dressing. This activity had surely added a feather to the cap as the activity was full of fun and the prop items included funny belt, goggles, cap, face masks, moustache, beards, earrings, etc.